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Technological seminars 2013

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2013-12-11 Semninar: Crystal structure determination from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data. Results with data coming from diffractometers of the CCiTUB +info
2013-11-20 Semninar: Methodological and technological advances in NMR applied to the field of small and medium-sized molecules +info
2013-09-25 Semninar: Nou marc legal en experimentació animal: implementació de la Directiva Europea 2010/63/UE +info
2013-07-10 Semninar: Latest advances in TEM for Structural Biology and In Situ Molecular Recognition +info
2013-06-19 Semninar: MALDI-TOF: A mass spectrometry technique versatile and multidisciplinary +info
2013-05-29 Semninar: Pharmaceutical cocrystals: a new methodology for virtual cocrystals prediction. +info
2013-05-15 Semninar: EELS Spectroscopy(Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) for materials characterization +info
2013-05-08 Semninar: Scanning Probes Microscopies: New trends and applications +info
2013-04-24 Semninar: New applications of infrared spectroscopy whith imaging technique +info
2013-04-10 Semninar: Assessing leaf redox status in plants using reduction-oxidation Green Fluorescent Proteins (roGFP1) +info
2013-03-20 Semninar: Mass Spectrometry of peptides and proteins +info
2013-03-06 Semninar: Assisted reproduction techniques and cryopreservation of germplasm in mice +info
2013-02-20 Semninar: Cytometry: evolution and new applications +info
2013-01-23 Semninar: Raman imaging: major advances and applications +info