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Technical trainers from the CCiTUB participate in the master’s degree "Direction of Conservation-Restoration Projects" of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The CCiTUB participate one more time in the master's degree "Direction of Conservation-Restoration Projects", that is given in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat de Barcelona. Technical trainers from the CCiTUB collaborate in the practical part of the subject ‘Scientific methods applied to the study of heritage’. In particular, the student will carry out several activities in distinct areas of the CCiTUB between October 21st and December 11th. This master’s degree is coordinated by Dra. Mª Gema Campo Francés and personnel of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) also participate.

The studied techniques and the technical trainers from the CCiTUB that participate belong to the:

Polymorphism and calorimetry Technology

Molecular spectroscopy Technology

Gas chromatography – Applied mass spectrometry Technology

Separation techniques Technology

Molecular characterization mass spectrometry Technology

Raman spectroscopy Technology

Nuclear magnetic resonance Technology

You can consult the technological applications of these and other Technologies in Industrial Solutions of the CCiTUB, specifically in the section ‘Heritage/Conservation’.