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Raman spectroscopy

Raman micro- and macro-spectroscopy in UV (325 nm), visible (514 i 532 nm) and NIR (785 and 1064 nm).
Micro-photoluminescence in UV, visible and NIR.
Measures of ultra-low Raman frequency regions between 5 and 100 cm-1
Raman measures between -195º C and 600º C
Characterization of samples; quality control.
Macro- and micro-analyses of samples (spatial sub-micrometric resolution).
High-resolution Raman spectral analysis (studies of gasses, pressure, material stress).
Polarization and orientation studies.
Micro-mapping and imaging (Raman and photoluminescence).
In situ temperature studies and analysis.
Low-frequency Raman studies ( >10cm-1): lattice modes; low acoustic modes (LAM).
Assessorship in the design, preparation, execution and analysis of experiments using the Raman spectroscopy technique.
Theoretical and practical courses.
Determination of crystallinity in polymers and grain size in solid state materials.
Characterization of polymorphic and amorphous forms of active ingredients in pharmaceutical products.
Quantitative determination of fluid micro-inclusions in minerals.
Analysis of micro-particles (defects or contaminants) smaller than a micrometre.
In situ studies and characterization of reactor materials with fibre optics.
Structural identification of carbons (diamond, graphite, graphene, amorphous carbon, fullerenes, C60, multi-walled and single-walled nanotubes).
Distinction and sorting of malign and benign cells.
Determination of the orientation of chains, tension or stress, defects in microelectronic devices and integrated circuits, polymeric materials, thin layers, etc.
Identification of narcotics and explosives through sealed plastic bags or glass containers.
Mapping of active ingredients and excipients in pharmaceutical tablets.
Microplastic Study.

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