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Molecular spectroscopy

Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, NIR and FIR
Ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy with integrating sphere
Circular dichroism
Infrared reflectometry
Characterization of materials
Quality control
Analysis of images from spectral maps
Macro- and micro-analyses
Comparisons with spectral databases
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of inorganic and organic samples
Analysis of defects or contaminants in matrices of polymers, paint, wood, ceramic, glass, textiles, foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Analysis of pigments, varnishes, oils, manuscript inks, paints, sculptures, ceramics, and archaeological and material artistic and cultural samples
Molecular variations in human tissues through imaging technology; application in the study of tumour growth
Studies of images underlying other images or paintings

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HU LEIYONG CCiTUB - C/ Lluis Solé i Sabarís, 1-3 934021346 leiyonghu@ccit.ub.edu

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