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Activities 2012

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2012-11-21 Advanced Course on AFM - biological measurements and soft materials +info
2012-11-20/22 1st Congress of the Spanish Network for Advanced Optical Microscopy (REMOA) +info
2012-10-09/10 Introduction to MNova Seminar (for processing RMN experiments) +info
2012-10-04 Transmission electron microscopy in biomedical research: Foundations, techniques and applications in tissues and cells in culture. +info
2012-09-20 Seminar-Demonstration. Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) +info
2012-09-19 Advanced Course on Nanomechanical measurements by AFM +info
2012-07-10 Workshop: Microcalorimetry +info
2012-06-13 Infrared spectra interpretation +info
2012-06-04/22 Radioactive facilities supervisor training course (for laboratories holding non-sealed sources) +info
2012-05-30/31 Course of Processing and Analysis of Advanced Optical Microscopy Images with ImageJ- 10th & 11th Edition +info
2012-05-29 One day “Cryo in Electron Microscopy” Meeting +info
2012-05-22/23 Curso de Análisis de Rugosidad y Textura Superficial +info
2012-05-14 Workshop: 3D Raman imaging + AFM in life sciences +info
2012-04-24 Advanced course on Electrical Nanocharacterization by AFM (C-AFM). +info