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Advanced optical microscopy

Wide-field fluorescence and transmitted optical microscopy.
Confocal laser microscopy.
Two-photon excitation microscopy (multiphoton).
Second Harmonic Generation (SHG). Polarization SHG.
Processing and analysis of images.
Non invasive Bioluminescence imaging (rodents).
Cell cultures and micromanipulation.
Paraffin embedding.
Fluorescence and transmitted light multichannel and multidimensional (xyztc) images.
Multi-position and mosaic images.
Live cell microscopy, short courses.
Analysis of molecular proximity: fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET).
Analysis of molecular dynamics: fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP), Inverse FRAP, fluorescence loss in photobleaching (FLIP) and photolabelling.
Intravital microscopy on live animals (high speed multiphotons).
Infrared optical microscopy: multiphoton and second-harmonic generation.
Maintenance of cell lines for microscopy experiments.
Cell micromanipulation: microinjection.
Cellular and molecular labelling (transfection, staining).
Immunohistochemistry: Tissues and organs processing and staining.
Image analysis:
Image processing (filtered, 3D reconstruction, video montages) and analysis (co-localization, molecular dynamics, particle and surface analysis).
Development of instruction macros.
Assistance in the design, preparation, performance and analysis of optical microscopy experiments.
Theoretical and practical courses.
Particle analysis.
Molecular imaging for the study of cellular and molecular processes in vivo.
Functionality of biosensors and drug delivery systems in cell cultures.
Cytotoxicity and cell viability trials.
Cell migration trials in 2D and 3D cultures.
Quantification of bone-implant contact (BIC) in teeth.
Morphometric analysis.
Subcellular and kinetic localization of fluorescent pharmaceuticals.
Neurite growth analysis.
Colocalization analysis.
Cell viability studies.
Cellular uptake studies.
Subcellular localization of molecules.
Applied research in human samples and animal experimental models (rat, mouse, C. Elegans, Xenopus Tropicalis…).
Live Cell tracking.

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BARROSO INDIANO BEATRIZ Bellvitge C/ Feixa Llarga s/n 934034863 bbarroso@ccit.ub.edu
BOSCH MARIMON (*) MANEL Fac. Biologia. Av. Diagonal, 645 934020176 mbosch@ccit.ub.edu
CALVO ADAMUZ (*) MARIA Fac. Medicina C/ Casanova, 143 934037159/
CASTAÑO BOLDU (*) ESTHER Bellvitge C/ Feixa Llarga s/n 934034863 ecastano@ccit.ub.edu
MARTÍN MALPARTIDA GEMMA Fac. Medicina C/ Casanova, 143 934037159 gemmamartin@ccit.ub.edu
TORREJON ESCRIBANO BENJAMIN Bellvitge C/ Feixa Llarga s/n 934034863 torrejonbenja@ccit.ub.edu
UNZUETA PAYERAS FERNANDO Fac. Medicina C/ Casanova, 143 934037159 funzueta@ccit.ub.edu

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