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SPM nanobioscience techniques (AFM, STM)

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Scanning probe microscopy (AFM, LFM, MFM, EFM, C-AFM, TUNA)
Force spectroscopy (nanomechanical properties)
Topographic analysis with atomic resolution
Measurement of nanomechanical properties
Measurement of physical properties: conductivity (C-AFM/TUNA), magnetic domains (MFM) and surface charges (EFM)
Measurement of compositional contrast: measurement of quantitative phase and friction (LFM)
Measurement of surface roughness on a sub-nanometric scale
Biological sample analysis at a nano level
Training courses for users
Scientific study of biological samples
Surface topography of materials.
3D topography of implants.
Analysis of mechanical properties of cosmetic products.
Measurement of compositional contrast.
Measurement of physical properties (electric, magnetism).
Measurement of thickness of thin conductive or ferromagnetic layers (Electronics / Spintronics).
Surface texture on optical surfaces (Optics).
Wear of mechanical pieces. Bearings, friction pieces, ...... (Mechanical).
Analysis of the surface finish of machined pieces or electropolished materials (Tribology).
Surface solid texture for food or cosmetic applications (Industry Formulation ).
Surface degradation of biocompatible materials (Bio).
Topopgraphy of biological materials (teeth, bones, skin, ....).
Applications of 3D roughness parameters (Tribology, odontology, implantology,
chemistry, optics, ...).
Nanomechanical properties Studies(adhesion, etc.) with humidity control.
Study of physical and morphological proporties for nanosafety applications.

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