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Radiological Protection Technical Unit

Contact: info@ccit.ub.edu

Measurement of levels of surface contamination and radiation in radioactive facilities
Counted using:
Liquid scintillation (14C, 3H, other radionuclides).
Solid scintillation (RIA’s, 125I, other radionuclides).
Electronic autoradiography
Measurement of radiation levels and of the quality of X-ray devices
X-ray radiography inside a booth
Handling of radioactive products in vitro, in vivo and in cell cultures in authorized radioactive facilities
Irradiation of small animals and biologic samples at controlled doses of gamma radiation.
Training in radiological protection at various different levels (supervisor course recognized by the Nuclear Safety Council, twice-yearly training courses, etc.)
Drafting and processing of authorization documents for radioactive and X-ray facilities
Consulting and management of radiological protection systems for radioactive and X-ray facilities
Inspection of contamination and radiation monitors
Hermeticity monitoring of encapsulated sources
Monitoring of levels of surface contamination and radiation in radioactive facilities
Quality control and measurement of radiation levels of X-ray equipment
Quantification of radioactive samples
Homogeneous irradiation of different kinds of “in vitro” biologic samples, as well as small animals, used in biomedical and sanitary research fields.
Quality control of medical X-rays
Quality control of industrial and research X-rays, among others
Drafting and processing of authorizations for radioactive and X-ray facility and staff licensing
Radiological protection training courses
Quantification of radioactive samples
Controlled irradiation services of all types of liquid or solid samples (small-scale) applied in research areas such as biomedicine, oncology, immunology (myeloablation) and organ transplantation (immunosuppression), either on cell cultures, hemoderivatives or mouse.
Inactivation of cell proliferation
Production of conditioned culture medium
Studies on the reconstitution of immunocompromised animals
Immune system suppression for transplantations
Controlled irradiation services of all kinds of liquid or solid samples (small-scale) in research areas involved in genetic improvement in agricultural engineering and botany (haploid production)
Seed irradiation for genetic improvement in agri-food industry

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IRA Biologia, Fac. Biologia. Av. Diagonal, 645
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CASTRO VOCES SERGIO - 934021890 scastro@ccit.ub.edu
JIMENEZ GUERRERO ANDRES - andresjimenez@ccit.ub.edu
IRA Bellvitge , C/ Feixa Llarga s/n
NAVARRO SABATE AUREA - 934024206 aureanavarro@ccit.ub.edu
UTPR C/ Adolf Florensa, 8. Desp. F22
RAFECAS JORBA (*) INMACULADA - 934034641 imma@ccit.ub.edu
IRA Medicina, C/ Casanova, 143
SANCHEZ GARCIA CRISTINA - 934035736 cristinasanchez@ccit.ub.edu

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