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Electronic microscopy (TEM/SEM)

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
Chemical fixation methods for biological samples
Dehydration techniques
Different embedding techniques
Ultramicrotomy techniques
Negative staining techniques for suspensions
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Chemical fixation methods for biological samples
Dehydration techniques
Critical point drying of samples and other chemical agents (HMDS)
Different types of assembly according to sample type
Optical microscopy
Semithin sections (0.5 – 3 µm) and specific stains
Molecular localization techniques
Immunolocalization techniques (markers: nanogold, gold, quantum dots, silver etc.)
Lectin techniques (localization of sugar residues)
Glycogen localization
Correlative techniques (CLEM)
Observation of the same sample with electronic and optical microscopes
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
Ultrastructural, tissue, cellular and molecular studies
Studies of bacterial, viral, bacteriophagic and nitrogen suspensions, etc.
Ultrastructural studies of isolated cell organelles, mitochondrial pellets and chloroplasts
Whole-mount studies of cells and bacteria, etc.
Molecular localization and co-localization of proteins, glucidic residues, etc.
Cytochemical studies (Enzyme activity, digestion, etc.)
CLEM studies of different types of samples
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Microstructural analysis of cell cultures, tissues and organs with 3-D imaging
Study of cell suspensions
Surface studies: bone, teeth, corneas skin, etc.
Study of biofilms and their formation on different surfaces
Morphological studies of small organisms and microorganisms
Molecular localization.
Study of biomaterials, implants, etc.
Study, analysis and evaluation of images obtained
3D reconstructions with Array Tomography
Optic microscopy
Optical studies on semi-fine sections of samples included in resin.
Study of cell cultures and tissues
Study of fungal pathogens on plants
Study of the incorporation of markers inside cells
Study of human spermatozoa
Studies of biofilms on water filters and cultures, tracheal tubes, historic moments, etc.
Surface studies: prostheses removed from patients, presence of sperm on tissue
TEM localization of nanogold in different tissues absorbed via inhalation in live rats
Study of nanogold in textiles
Study of bacteriophagic contamination in the bacterial production of lactose
Study of protein aggregation in Alzheimer patients
Clinical biopsy processing

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