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DNA sequencing and fragment analysis by automated capillary electrophoresis.
Real-time PCR (compatible with TDLA 384-well microfluidic cards).
Magnetic extraction of nucleic acids.
RNA quality and quantity control.
DNA sequencing and fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis:
De novo sequencing.
BAC-end sequencing and fingerprinting.
Mitochondrial DNA sequencing.
Heterozygote detection.
Epigenetic studies.
Genotyping: SNPs, AFLP, RFLP, LOH, microsatellites (STRs, VNTRs).
Real-time PCR:
Gene expression and validation of microarray results.
Genotyping and genetic variation (SNPs, ins/del, etc.).
Viral load testing.
microRNA, siRNA.
Pathogen detection in food and environmental samples.
Presence and absence of transgenes.
Screening by high resolution melting (HRM).
Sequencing of unknown species.
Human identification: population studies.
Epigenetic studies.
Pathogen detection in food.
Gene expression variations in response to pharmaceuticals.
Magnetic DNA extraction from blood, cell and tissue samples.
Detection of cancer cells in the blood.
Paternity tests.

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