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Conventional and spectral flow cytometry
Mass cytometry
Cell purification (“sorting”)
Soluble antigen detection (Luminex technology ©)
Purification of cell populations: cloning, sorting of transfectants through flow cytometry (FACS) or magnetic separation (MACS).
Immunophenotyping of cell populations.
Studies of cell viability and proliferation; high-throughput cell screening.
Analysis of the cell cycle and ploidy variations.
Cell function: measurements of second messengers, free-radical production, enzymatic kinetics.
Plate immunoassays on microparticles.
Detection and counting of microorganism populations.
Purification of tumor stem cells.
Cloning and purification of cells on 96-well plates; hybridoma sorting.
Monitoring of blood populations undergoing ex vivo pharmacological treatment.
Detection of toxicity and apoptosis; drug screening using cell lines.
Detection of soluble cytokines in serum.
Detection and counting of micro-organism populations in water (sea water, water from purification plants, industrial waste water, etc.).
High-complexity immunophenotyping panels: more than 40 simultaneous labels per sample.

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