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The CCiTUB have participated in the development of Safety Guides of the Nuclear Safety Council

The responsible of the Radiological Protection Technical Unit (RPTU), Dr. Immaculada Rafecas, has participated in the development of the revision of the Safety Guide of the Nuclear Safety Council (CNS, Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear) "Bases para elaborar información relativa a la explotación de instalaciones radiactivas".

It is a Safety Guide which was finally approved by the Nuclear Safety Council in the session on October 1rst 2014, with reference G5-05.08 revision 1, and which has not been published yet. This Guide is about the basic recommendations for the development of the information which the CSN considers that must be taken into account in the "Operations Diary", in the registers and in the exploitation reports of the radioactive facilities, and therefore it is of great importance in the daily functioning of these facilities.

The Radiological Protection Technical Unit of the CCiTUB actively participates in the revision of Safety Guides and Instructions of the CNS. This is the only state organization which is competent in radiological protection, and the CCiTUB collaborate providing comments which improve the adaptation of the regulations to the present situation, thanks to their wide experience in the management of radioactive facilities of second and third category, as well as in the use of X-rays for medical diagnosis.