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The CCTiUB participated in the book “Montagna, Tricología: enfermedades del folículo pilosebáceo”

Dr. Javier García Veigas, responsible of the Scanning Electron Microscopy Technology of the CCTiUB, has participated in the book “Montagna, Tricología: Enfermedades del folículo pilosebáceo” writing the chapter “Técnicas de análisis físico-químico del cabello”.

Throughout the chapter he explains the basics of the most used analytical techniques in the analysis of several atomic species (metals, metalloids and alkali metals) in hair. We can find information about the following techniques, most of them available in the CCiTUB: scanning electron microscopy, atomic absorption, atomic emission spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, plasma spectroscopy, atomic fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy and neutron activation analysis. These techniques are chosen depending on the degree of precision and speed required in the study.

The information of the book is the next:

Montagna. Tricología, enfermedades del folículo pilosebáceo. 3Ed 2 Vol.
Edition: 3rd
Auhtors: Francisco Camacho Martínez – Antonella Tosti
Editorial: Aula Médica
ISBN: 9788478855728
Year of publication: 2013