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The CCiTUB are strengthening their services at the PCB

The services that the CCiTUBs offer from their facilities at the PCB will be strengthened thanks to the integration of the PCB's proteomics platform and the arrival of new equipment and specialized technical staff.

The aim of this integration is to consolidate a large part of the (bio)molecular analysis services in the same space and in a strategic environment such as the PCB to make them more accessible to both researchers and companies. This integrated offer will include proteomics services, molecular interactions and small molecule analysis, with a human team of eleven people that will allow more complete studies in this area.

The CCiTUB laboratory will have specialized technical staff with a lot of experience in these areas and will be equipped with the latest generation instrumentation such as the new high-resolution mass spectrometer Q-TOF1, with ion mobility and coupled to a UHPLC system, now available. In the coming months two new mass spectrometers2 coupled to an ultra-high resolution liquid chromatography system will also be installed, which will allow the determination of the exact mass and chemical structure of organic substances present in complex samples.

The CCiTUBs on the PCB

The Scientific and Technological Centers of the University of Barcelona offer different services from their PCB facilities, not only to the companies installed there but to all researchers and institutions that request them. The CCiTUB services that can be found in the PCB spaces, to which the Proteomics service will be added, are Genomics, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Polymorphism and calorimetry, Cytometry, Granulometry, Analysis of molecular interactions, Cryo-electron microscopy and Separative Techniques.

1 Financed with FEDER Funds (2019)

2 Funded with Next Generation Funds, CALL EQC2021 (2021)