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Twelve new equipments to give support to research

The CCiTUB will incorporate 12 new unique pieces of equipment that will enhance the services offered to researchers. The purchase of this equipment will be made thanks to a grant awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for a value of 9.876.006.15€. This amount, added to those recently achieved for a STEM microscope (3.350.000€) and a very high-field NMR (8.900.000€), among others, will make the CCiTUB to reach a record in investment close to 20M€ during the year 2022. The funded equipment will be available starting the first semester of 2023.

The unique benefits that these equipment will provide, some of them unique to Catalonia and Spain, will have a great impact on the studies to be carried out in very diverse fields such as the biosciences and biotechnology, the characterization of materials, the chemistry of food, among others. This equipment will also strengthen the multidisciplinarity of the CCiTUB, locating in a single center the necessary infrastructure to carry out more directed, optimized studies with more complete results.

Once installed, all this equipment will become part of the catalog of services that CCiTUB makes available to its users and, like all the equipment available in our laboratories, will be integrated into the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in order to guarantee the reliability of the results and offer the best possible service.


Among the new equipment that the CCiTUBs will have available are a FIB/SEM, a photoelectron spectroscope with a scanning microprobe, an electron microprobe soft X-ray emission spectrometer, a spectral flow cytometry system, an integrated molecular imaging and functional preclinical system, two HPLC-MS small molecule analysis equipment, a microscope for In Vivo imaging, a superconducting magnetometer for automated measurements, a MALDI-TOF/TOF Imaging platform, an electron paramagnetic resonance pulse spectrometer and a high content screening microscope.

This equipment will be added to others that have already been installed during the first semester of the current year and that include, among others, a spectral flow cytometer, unique in Spain, a high resolution mass spectrometer and a 400MHz NMR.

With these new equipments, and exploiting their synergies, it will be possible to increase the quality and detail of the research and studies carried out by users. The arrival of the equipment, added to the renovation carried out last year in other CCiTUB infrastructures, will have a direct positive impact on the local academic and business ecosystem. On the other hand, the activities that the CCiTUB carry out as part of their social responsibility will make possible to show the capabilities of all these new technologies to schools, administrations and general public.

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