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A Raman Paper obtained more than 500 citations in international journals

The Raman paper “Raman spectroscopic characterization of some commercially available carbon black materials” which was published in Carbon in 1995, was acknowledged recently in the field of Material Science for obtaining more than 500 citations in international journals. In this work participated PhD. Tariq Jawhari, responsible of the Raman technology of the CCiTUB, and a method based on Raman spectroscopy was proposed in order to characterize and describe the structure of some commercial Carbon Black.

The Raman spectral analysis of these materials was mainly based on a curve fitting method with two Lorentzian lines for the classical D and G bands of carbons and another third band, between the D and G lines, which is however much broader with a Gaussian shape. This large Gaussian band assigned to a fully amorphous sp2-bonds graphitic structure. In this work, it was concluded that these commercial Carbon Black materials could not be considered as totally amorphous systems, as it was thought until then, but as highly disordered materials with some very tiny nano-crystalline domains along the basal plane.