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The CCiTUB participated in the CTLS congress

The CCiTUB participated at the beginning of June in the Core Technologies for Life Science (CTLS) congress in Paris. This is the first congress in Europe dedicated to the specific problems which affect the staff and the laboratory functioning of the core facilities. It has dealed with three subjects:

-Research and development of core facilities
-Direction and sustainability in the longer term of core facilities
-National and transnational networking of core facilities

Within the framework of this meeting they have also participated in the initiative of the creation of a European network of molecular techniques in biophysics. This proposal considers to put in contact academic and non academic laboratories involved in the characterization of macromolecules and their interactions. The objective of this network is the creation of an organization which could organize workshop and courses, obtain and share resources and deal together with problems and challenges of the various techniques involved (termophoresis, spectroscopies, biosensors, magnetic nuclear resonance,...).