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The CCiTUB participate in the course of Introduction to Sensorial Sciences

Dr. Garikoitz Azkona, responsible of two of the Animal Facilities from the CCiTUB (Campus Casanova y Campus Bellvitge), is one of the theachers in the course 'Introducción a las Ciencias Sensoriales 2014 - Teoría y práctica de la gestión del talento sensorial', given in the Escola d'Enginyeria de Terrassa, from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

This course is a class-room course and is addressed to technicians and experts dedicated to create products or services to satisfy the sensorial demand in fields as food, leisure, health and life quality. The sensorial formation is faced from different points of view such as biological, cognitive, cultural or social aspects as well as new technologies developed. Is also the scope of the course to unify and formalize in a single studies plan all the existing information thus avoiding the current dispersion.

The teaching stuff consists of renowned experts in the different knowledge areas conforming the sensorial sciences, where each of them will teach one module of the course. Dr. Garikoitz is responsible of the 'Bases fisiológicas de la percepción' part.