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The CCiTUB participate in the I Seminar in Analysis of Forensic Science Materials

Dr. Núria Ferrer, responsible of the Molecular Spectroscopy technology from the CCiTUB will participate on March 26 in the I Seminar in Material Analysis in Forensic Science, organized by Generalitat de Catalunya and Mossos d'Esquadra.

The Seminar is based on analysis of all kind of materials, especially the ones related to criminology and cultural heritage fields, and its objective is to share knowledge and infrastructures between experts from different institutions taking part on the seminar, and apply it to the forensic science, where the sample comparison is the main scope.

Dr. Núria Ferrer will impart a conference entitled “El papel y la tinta en la documentación manuscrita. Aplicaciones con la Técnica de FTIR” which will be given together with Carme Sistach, from the Corona d'Aragó archive.

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