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New CCiTUB fares published

On 14 January have been published the UB fares for 2014 updated for the "Consell Social" on 11/12/2013. Included in these fares, the ones relatives to the services offered by CCiTUB technologies can be found on pages 75-85.

CCiTUB rates, which can be consulted following the link [+], have been studied and reviewed in order to favor our customers work continuity in both public and private sectors. This way, the CCiTUB want to contribute to guarantee the research continuity.

During 2012 and 2013 an upgrade of the services rates offered by the scientific and technical units from CCiTUB has been carried out. For the new calculations it has been taken into account the price variation in specific concepts, other general expenses as well as market environment and the current economical and social climate.

Furthermore, as any research support center, in the last few years new assets (accessories, software, devices) had been gradually incorporated to the already existent CCiTUB's infrastructures, either by public concurrence convocation, strategic agreements with public and/or private institutions or by on loan equipment, with the consequently offer of new services for the users.

At the same time, obsolete equipment has been removed, and thus in the fares review the related concepts have been removed.

We would like to highlight the effort in simplifying descriptive concepts as well as unifying similar or analogous services offered simultaneously by different units physically located in different UB campuses but with the same devices so they can offer a similar service.

Mention as well that with the proposed review and lowering prices on the oldest instrumentation, a more proportionate use of the devices in the same unit or laboratory is pretended, especially in routine services.

In the case of Units with similar equipments placed physically in different university campuses, individual unit/equipment evaluation has been applied, but in the "Comissió Econòmica" fares proposal has been unified so the fares are the same for all the users, whether they are from one campus or another. Is the case of optical microscopy, cytometry, genomic and electronic microscopy applied to biomedicine Units, which are placed in Diagonal, Casanova and Bellvitge campuses.