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Nanorobots Reach the Final Day of TECNanoinventum

Last May 30th, the Diagonal-Besòs Campus of UPC hosted the closing ceremony and awards presentation for the TECNanoinventum program, an event that brought together more than 900 students from 30 schools across Catalonia. This educational scientific outreach project aims to bring nanotechnology and sustainability closer to students, following the STEAM methodology, to inspire scientific vocations and attract young people to the fascinating world of nanoscience.

This year, the project is named TECNanoinventum thanks to the collaboration of the student associations PUCRA and CIMA 3D from the Escola d’Enginyeria de Barcelona Est (EEBE) at UPC, who have helped some schools robotize their models using LEGO and Micro:bit. In this way, the NanoInventum initiative has taken a step forward by introducing engineering into schools and adding a new level of experimentation for students.

The day began with the show "Supernano: An Adventure in Nanoland" performed by actor Enric Hugas and Patricia Canut from the Keke Shuga and Lutravioleta companies, which excited the attendees and allowed them to imagine the world of nanoparticles. Next, the schools exhibited more than 200 models of nanorobots, created by 5th and 6th grade primary school students throughout the course. The students also had the opportunity to present their projects to a specialized jury composed of scientists from more than ten research institutions who came to learn about their models.

The event culminated in the most anticipated moment: the awards presentation. The best nanorobot models and projects from each school were recognized in different areas: technology, sustainability, the SDGs for climate action, clean water and sanitation, and good health and well-being, scientific communication, STEAM, innovation, global solutions, materials and nanomaterials treatment, nanotechnology, nanorobotics, and social perspective.

The 8 award-winning models this year were:

  • Cremacremades (Escola Sagrada Família)
  • Insponj (Escola Tabor)
  • Octòpode inhistamínic (Escola Llacuna)
  • PCCM (Escola Rambleta)
  • Plantem l'aigua (Escola Estel)
  • R-ADN (Escola La Maquinista)
  • Scaubot (Escola El Sol i la Lluna)
  • Xinxinxo (Escola 30 Passos)

Our congratulations to all participants for their excellent work.

About Nanoinventum

Nanoinventum is a project developed by the Scientific and Technological Centers of the University of Barcelona (CCiTUB), with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia (CESIRE and STEAMcat). The project includes teacher training, experimental work with the Nanoexplora experiment kit by students, mentoring by experts in nanotechnology (Nanoexperta), and the use of creativity tools to address nanotechnology and the sustainability challenges of the 2030 agenda in the classroom.

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