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Success of the 9th edition of the 10alamenos9-Barcelona festival

On April 16th and 18th, the IX Edition of the 10alamenos9 festival was held in Barcelona, an event of scientific dissemination aimed at bringing nanotechnology closer to society. This year, under the theme "Sustainability and Nanotechnology".

The project, led by CCiTUB since its first edition, continues to consolidate itself as one of the most successful scientific dissemination activities in Spain. This 2024 edition will take place in 15 countries, reaching over 15,000 people. Furthermore, it will involve many of the main research centers and universities dedicated to nanotechnology research in Spain.

The activities in Barcelona, organized by CCiTUB, took place this year at the CosmoCaixa and at the Joan Oliver "Pere Quart" Civic Center. The opening at CosmoCaixa of the Barcelona sessions was attended by the director of CosmoCaixa, Valentí Farràs, the director of CCiTUB, Juan Fran Sangüesa, BASF's representative, Daniela Brunso, as well as some of the Nanotechnology specialists from the University of Barcelona: Sònia Trigueros (Biology), Xavier Batlle (Physics), and Teresa Andreu (Chemistry UB), and were coordinated by Jordi Díaz, the festival's ideologist and microscopist at CCiTUB.

For two days, attending students were able to debate the impact of nanotechnology on sustainability, health, and energy with specialists from different research centers. They enjoyed unique activities such as the "Nanoland" escape room, and in the workshops, they were able to experiment with diverse topics such as water electrolysis, electron diffraction, and electron microscopy, and interact with different materials and applications of nanotechnology already present in the market.

In short, it has been a conference where science has been brought closer to the new generations, fostering curiosity as a driving force for research, and where students have also shown interest in the role of public universities in nanotechnology science and have sought advice to venture into the world of research.