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The FlowJo software is now available in the Cytometry Laboratory

The CCiTUB has acquired a license for the "FlowJo" cytometry data analysis software, which has been integrated as a service in the cytometry laboratory and is available for the users.

FlowJo™ is a software used for comprehensive analysis and interpretation of complex flow cytometry data, especially in the context of single-cell analysis. These functions include immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, proliferation studies, cell kinetics, quantitative population comparison, and many others.

Each user requesting the service will be able to install the program for up to four different computers, using it non-simultaneously. One of the benefits of this license is the flexibility in accessing from various locations, and additionally, it allows the use of program versions with new functionalities (version 11 and higher).

Users wishing to use the service should contact the cytometry or biology laboratory technics, who will provide information on its cost and manage enrollments and cancellations (monthly periodicity).

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