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The Scientific and Technological Centers of UB (CCITUB) reinforce their commitment to the SDGs with 2 innovative projects

Following the UB's commitment to the 2030 Agenda to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the CCITUB are launching two innovative educational and dissemination projects. These projects are intended to give greater visibility to the contributions made by the technical and research staff of the UB research support centers to contribute to the achievement of these SDGs.

The projects, 'ODS 2150' and 'Fira Nanoinventum', have been possible thanks to the granting of two FECYT grants for the Promotion of Scientific Culture and Innovation, and consolidate CCiTUB's will to promote sustainability through informative and training activities aimed at primary and secondary school students.

The projects

The first project, called Core Sustainability Lab: Operation Delta S 2150 (ODS 2150), is based on activities, visits, face-to-face and online collaborative games format, applying the Science, Technology, Engineering methodologies, Arts and Maths (STEAM) and the gamification of learning. Through the project, Secondary Education students (3rd, 4th ESO and High School), to whom the project is aimed, will be able to understand the important contribution of scientific research in order to achieve the SDGs and, at the same time, will be able discover the operation of a Research Support Center, with highly complex scientific instrumentation such as the CCITUB.

In the ODS 2150 project, specialized technical staff from several laboratories of the CCiTUB, together with research staff from the UB and other institutions, are coordinated to bring to the classrooms the different possibilities offered by the experimental laboratories of the CCiTUB, putting a special emphasis on the lines of scientific research that are most in line with the achievement of the SDGs. Therefore, students will be able to understand the great potential offered by scientific research, as well as the concrete ways to face real challenges such as climate change, the preservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, health, etc.

The second project, the "NanoInventum Fair: Nanotechnology for the SDGs", consists of the organization of a large scientific fair for Primary Education, aimed at bringing students closer to and making them participate in the fantastic world offered by nanomaterials, which they will allow solving the current challenges of society which, in a few years, will become challenges of the present of the citizens of the future. The project wants to give continuity to the previous experience of the NanoInventum project (FCT-19-14699) and consolidate it in all its facets, from formative to creative and experimental.

Both projects have the figure of a "mentor", female technical staff from the CCITUB and female researchers from the UB and other centers, who monitor the activities that take place in the classroom, reinforcing the idea of necessary access egalitarian, especially in STEM careers.