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The CCiTUB collaborate with a study of the Animal Biology Department of the UB

The professors Dolors Vinyoles, Noëlle Fabre and Eduardo García of the Animal Biology Department of the UB have carried out a study about the effects of the parental care on the embryonic development of the river blenny (Salaria fluviatilis). Salara fluviatilis is a freshwater fish which is endangered in the Mediterranean area due to the habitat loss. The study has been carried out in collaboration with available equipment of the Animal Facilities Technology of the CCiTUB. In particular, they used instruments of the wet laboratory of the CCiTUB located at the Faculty of Biology of the UB.

The CCiTUB have 6 distinct animal facilities located at the faculties of Biology, Pharmacy and Psychology, at the Faculty of Medicine of the Casanova street, the "teaching building" of the Bellvitge Hospital and the "teaching building" of Sant Joan de Déu.