Centres Científics i Tecnològics UB



Recognition policy of the contribution to the research of UB infrastructures

Research support infrastructures, such as the Scientific and Technological Centers of the University of Barcelona, collaborate in the successful development of scientific studies through various analytical techniques made available to the scientific community, their facilities, and the expertise of their staff. Functional and prestigious research infrastructures also contribute to promoting interdisciplinary research, diversifying and increasing sources of funding, and centralizing resources thereby reducing expenditure.

For this reason, within the framework of the "Guidelines for the correct identification of authorship and institutional affiliation in scientific publications of the University of Barcelona" developed in April 2022 by the CRAI of the University of Barcelona, the CCiTUB has contributed through some guidelines for the correct citation and recognition of the Center's resources in research tasks.

The "Recognition Policy of the core facilities" is available for download and allows researchers and users of the center to identify situations where it is advisable to mention CCiTUB in publications and how to do so.

This recognition helps to position the centers as a reference research support infrastructure, thereby providing tangible evidence of the reliability of the source of the data used in the research project.

Proper citation of the CCiTUB also facilitates the rapid identification of the contribution of the centers in various publications, and enables collaboration in disseminating these publications through social networks and the CCiTUB website, showcasing both the research and the contributions made. In this way, it also impacts the visibility of the research, increasing its impact factor and making it more visible to other groups with which potential synergies can be established.