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Agreement between the University of Barcelona and Bruker BioSpin for the optimization of the 1GHz NMR equipment, located at CCiTUB

The University of Barcelona, through CCiTUB, and Bruker BioSpin have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of new applications of NMR 1.0 GHz for the pharmaceutical industry. The agreement aims to explore the possibilities offered by 1.0 GHZ NMR systems for the characterization of biologically relevant products of therapeutic interest, such as complete antibodies (PM 150 kDa) and RNA/DNA fragments (from 20 to 80 nucleotides approximately).

The University and Bruker BioSpin will work together to analyze these products, primarily sourced from pharmaceutical companies that are collaborators. This opportunity will allow companies to analyze their compounds with high-field NMRs accurately and efficiently, benefiting from the comprehensive knowledge provided by the joint work of the scientific-technical staff of the NMR laboratory at CCiTUB and the manufacturer of this unique equipment

The 1GHz equipment, unique in Europe

The 1.0 GHz (23.5 T) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer was acquired by the CCiTUB in March 2023 thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the NextGeneration EU funds within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Program.

The acquisition of this equipment has made it a unique asset in its field and has had a direct impact on Catalonia’s industry, particularly in key sectors like biomedical and biotechnological. The equipment’s high resolution and sensitivity provide a significant impetus for the structural and dynamic study of complex biomolecules.