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New Bioluminescence and Fluorescence equipment

The University of Barcelona, through the Scientific and Technological Centers, has acquired the Bioluminescence and Fluorescence equipment IVIS-Lumina III in vivo from Perkin Elmer [+] in collaboration with the group of Dr. Manel Juan, from the Department of Biomedicine of the UB, and from the Immunology Service of the Hospital Clínic

The new equipment, installed in the SPF area of the Animal Experimentation Unit of the CCiTUB is located in the Faculty of Medicine, Campus Clínic, and allows to make a quantitative image of bioluminescence and fluorescence of 3 animals simultaneously. These techniques allow the same animal to be monitored in vivo over time (days, months) in a non-invasive manner and with high sensitivity to pathological, physiological processes and treatments, reducing the number of experimental animals to be used. The equipment also allows the detection of molecular fluorescent probes in the visible range, of special interest those of far red and near infrared fluorescence.

The acquisition of this new equipment has made it possible to relocate the Aequoria Bioluminescence and Fluorescence team from Hamamatsu to the conventional Animal Experimentation area of the CCiTUB of the Faculty of Medicine, Campus Clínic, improving the access to these techniques to the researchers using the conventional Animal Experimentation area.