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An approach to Scientific outreach and communication strategies

January 22, Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré of the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry

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Welcome by Dr. Guillem Aromí. (director of IN2UB)

11:05 11:20h
Introduction. How we introduce nanotechnologies to society from the UB. The case of Nanodivulga UB. Jordi Díaz (CCiTUB)

The Scientific and Technological Centers of the University of Barcelona carry out various outreach projects to bring nanotechnologies closer to society, such as the National 10alamenos9 festival or the NanoEduca program, recently awarded the National Prize for Scientific Communication. In the talk, the strategies that are being followed will be discussed and discussed.

11:20 12:30h
Scientific communication: from the "sniper" to 360º. Pedro Serena (CSIC)

In the last 20 years there has been a great leap from “amateur” popularizers to professionals. This evolution is related to many factors and has varied depending on the degree of proximity to the citizen (from the deficit models to those of citizen participation) and has allowed communication to be more complex, requiring strong related structures that accompany it. What is done in the CSIC will serve as an example.

12:30 13h
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