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Schools that will visit the CCiTUB. Escolab Activities.

Finally, those are the schools that have been registered in Escolab to come and visit the CCiTUB:

Challenge Nano: "Aimed to see how is the work in a nanolaboratory and how nanotechnological products are characterized. We will also synthesize nanoparticles and think about future applications of nanotechnology".

18/10/18 Mare de Déu dels Àngels
15/11/18 Inst. Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera
14/2/19 Oak House School
14/3/19 Inst. XXV Olimpíada
16/5/19 Inst. Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera

De Biomacro a Biomicro: “The Units of Animal Experimentation, Advanced Optical Microscopy, Electron Microscopy and Proteomic Microscopy propose a 4h visit to their facilities located in the Medicina-Clínic Campus of the UB. During the visit we can observe the structures of life, from the large structures such as living beings, to the smallest, such as proteins. We will see organs, tissues and cells with microscopy, and analyze the structures of their components and the proteins within them. We will also see how to study the basic components of chemical reactions and how we can know about them to find markers in human diseases, such as cancer, infertility, diabetes ...”

25/01/2019 IES Ferran Casablanca
08/02/2019 IES Bernatt Metge
22/02/2019 IES Miquel Martí i Pol
29/03/2019 IES Oak House
26/04/2019 IES Joanot Martorell

La vida a través del microscopi: “The Units of Advanced Optical Microscopy and Electron Microscopy of the Medicine-Clinic Campus propose a joint visit of two hours for the facilities of our laboratories making a trip between Science and Technology inside the cells and tissues. From how the phenomenon of fluorescence is used to mark and visualize cellular structures and see phenomena such as mitosis live up to not observe with light, but with electrons, the interior of a cell and its organelles.”

15/03/2019 IES Matadepera
17/05/2019 IES Dolors Mallafré i Ros

We thank all of your for your trust and we hope your visit to our facilities will result in future researchers.