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Celebration of the CCiTUB's 30th anniversary

On May 15th, an event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Scientific and Technological Centers was held at the Paranimf of the Facultat de Medicina. The event was attended by numerous personalities from the university world, researchers from the University of Barcelona, representatives of companies and the Parliament of Catalonia as well as technicians and administratives who have been part of these 30 years of history.

The interventions

PhD. José Ramón Seoane (Director of the CCiTUB) started the event with a speech that welcomed the attendees and explained the characteristics that make the CCiTUB unique in terms of multidisciplinarity and expertise. He also highlighted the creation of the equality committee for the CCiTUB in order to ensure equality and parity in the Institution.

Then spoke PhD. Carlos Müller, Professor at the University of Barcelona, who lived closely with the creation of the Scientific-Technical Services. He shared experiences and curiosities from the beginnings of the SCT, remembering the figure of the first Director, PhD. Baucells, and the deputy director, PhD. Roura, and emphasized that if you want to maintain the CCiTUB and UB research competitive is necessary to make a bet again as it was done in its beginnings.

The former rector of the University of Barcelona, PhD. Jordi Alberch, spoke about the time he was vice-rector of research. This stage took place just at the moment when the old Direction retired and PhD. Alberch explained how he bet at that time in order to move forward and create what today's CCiTUB are.

Next, two CCiTUB technicians explained their work experiences and some anecdotes in the institution. PhD. Isidre Casals made an historical review of research at the University of Barcelona and how the SCT-CCiTUB was founded and grew, and ended up talking about the need to invest in the CCiTUB in order to guarantee its future, not only in regard to its equipment but, especially with regard to the stability of the workforce and its training. PhD. Miguel Feliz, on the other hand, explained the beginnings of the CCiTUB's RMN unit at the PCB, how this ICTS was built and anecdotes related to starting this pioneering experience.

At the ceremony also spoke Victor G. Pidal, country general manager of Bruker, Carlos Arribas, general manager of Izasa Scientific SLU and David Jiménez, director of Zeiss Microscopy, who valued as very positive the collaborations that they have performed over time with the CCiTUB and showed their willingness to continue working together and making science advance in the future.

The former rector of the University of Barcelona, PhD. Josep Maria Bricall, was rector at the time of the creation of the SCT and played a key role in making them a national reference in terms of research support centers. He showed his pride in seeing how the project in which he worked so much has been going on and has become, in this case, the idea of success that the CCiTUB are currently.

Then the Director of the CCiTUB, PhD. José Ramón Seoane, made a presentation with augmented reality technology. In this presentation, he could visually explain the current role of the CCiTUB, what are the tasks that the CCiTUB carry out in 3 large areas and ended up explaining the future and the new challenges that the CCiTUB expects, indicating to those attending that this future it must be done all together.

The event concluded with the parliament of the Rector of the University of Barcelona, PhD. Joan Elías, who spoke about the importance of the Scientific and Technological Centers for the research and transfer of knowledge to society, aimed to the the growth of the CCiTUB in the coming years and emphasized that the CCiTUB "are part of the DNA of the University of Barcelona ".

The audio-visual service of the University of Barcelona has also been 30 years

During the celebration, two videos were made by the Audiovisual Services of the University of Barcelona. One of them was screened at the Auditorium, with present-day scenes from the CCiTUB laboratories as well as photographs of the staff that currently configures the staff of the Centers. The coincidence is that the Audiovisual Service has also turned 30 years since it was born together with the CCiTUB in 1986.

One More Thing

Coinciding with the act of celebration, the CCiTUB launched the twitter of the Scientific and Technological Centers (@ccitub) which will be a meeting point between the Centers and the entire community of users.

From the CCiTUB we would like to thank all those who shared this day with us, in person, in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine or virtually through the social networks.

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Below you can see some pictures of the event:

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Paranimf of the Faculty of Medicine
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Phd. Josep Mª. Bricall (former rector of the UB), PhD. Joan Elias (rector of the UB) and PhD. José Ramón Seoane (CCiTUB director).
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PhD. Jordi Alberch (former rector of the UB)
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PhD. Miguel Feliz (CCiTUB)
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PhD. Isidre Casals (CCiTUB)
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Augmented Reality presentation of Dr. José Ramón Seoane (CCiTUB director).
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