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The CCiTUB celebrate their 30th anniversary

The Scientific and Technological Centers of the Universitat de Barcelona have reached their first 30 years of activity, in which they have become a national and international reference for investigation, innovation and transference.

A piece of history

The "Junta de Govern" of the UB created in 1987 the SCT, Serveis Cientificotècnics, and their regulation and organizational structure was approved in 1989. This new organization unified the more specific scientific services existing in the heart of the UB, in order to create a completely innovative entity that never existed before in Spain. The CCiTUB were born in 1989 because of the fusion of the UB services of Electronic Microscopy and Spectroscopy. It was in this year, 1989, when this two services, initially located on the ground floor of Plaça Universitat building, moved to the current building on Lluís Solé i Sabarís Street under the direction of Dr. Montserrat Baucells and the deputy director Dr. Montserrat Roura.

This action started to improve the infrastructure that was needed for the development of research programs and also to improve the performance and profitability of investments in the acquisition of large equipment, by rationalizing their operating regime.

In 2010, with the entrance of the new director, Dr. José Ramón Seaone, the name of the entity was changed. The SCT became the CCiTUB, Scientific and Technological Centres of the University of Barcelona, keeping the raison d’être of its beginnings (to benefit the research developed for the institution in certain fields of knowledge) but amplifying and adapting it for the new socioeconomic scenarios, making a link between university and Enterprises, and promoting the innovation and the technology transfer within the framework of R&D agreements and projects with the industry.

Since the moment of its foundation, the Centres have improved and amplified their locations until being available in more than four campus and occupying currently an area of more than 12,000 square meters. The CCiTUB have also achieved a solid reputation in reference to the high degree of expertise of its technicians, the quality of the services that are offered and the response times, as indicated by the user satisfaction surveys that are made periodically.

In the same way, during these last 30 years the evolution of its technological offer has been remarkable, offering a very broad portfolio of services and working with large number of clients from both private and public organizations. The internal process of continuous improvement has as an objective that during the coming years these numbers will still be more positive guaranteeing the excellence of these centers.

We invite the entire university community to participate in our celebrations that will last throughout the 2018.

Presentation of the commemorative logo of the 30 years

In order to commemorate the 30 years of activity of the Scientific and Technological Centres of the UB, the entity created a logo that associates certain events and contents with this celebration. The logo, which has been created by the Unitat d’Imatge Corporativa, TIC i Anàlisi d’Imatges of the CCiTUB along with the collaboration of the artist David Bonet Torra [+][+], represents the scientific and innovative environment of the centers through the symbolism of the inverted greek letter Sigma, and a simplified atom. When they come together they shape the image of the 30th anniversary.

In the same way, as a footnote of the image you can see the two names that the entity has had throughout its history, identifying the stages in which it has been known as Scientific and Technical Services (SCT) and the current stage, in which it is known as the Scientific and Technological Centers of the Universitat de Barcelona (CCiTUB).

The logo is the next one: